Debugging Sweep

Debugging SweepS / Eavesdropping detection (TSCM)
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Is Your Office, Home or Phone Bugged?

More and more each day competitors, ex-associates, new start-up ventures, and unscrupulous individuals are using electronic eavesdropping as a way to gather information that could seriously invade your privacy. 

“Bugs” telephone taps and video transmitters (above) are readily available that can compromise your business secrets for as little as $30.00. The manufacture, sale, installation, and monitoring of these devices is a multi-billion dollar industry in North America. Unless you are a law enforcement agency with an Order or Warrant for a wire tap, it is a criminal offence to record the conversations of two or more persons without their consent.

How Do You Know If You’re Bugged ?

  • Confidential information seems to be getting out to competitors.
  • Competitors seem to be just one step ahead all of the time.
  • Your office was broken into yet very little or nothing was taken.
  • Sockets or switches show signs of being moved slightly, ie: the wallpaper may be disturbed.
  • Vehicles parked near to your premises, that appear to be empty.
  • Your telephone rings but no one speaks or you just hear a short tone.
  • Unusual sounds (crackling, clicks, volume changes) on your telephone handset.
  • Indications that your handset may have been exchanged, ie: numbers in memory may be lost.
  • Repairers or utility companies turn up to carry out work when they have not been called.
  • Furniture or items appear to have been disturbed.
  • Interference on your radio or television.
  • Unexplained brick or plaster dust on floor.

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