Event Security Guards

  • Crowd / Access Control
  • Church Security Events
  • High Profile Guest Security
  • Undesirable Media Access
  • Security Breaches
  • Emergency Situations / First Aid Parking Control

It takes more than just event security guards to ensure your event runs smoothly; it also takes a plan. Most events consist of dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands, of guests. A general rule of thumb according to many in the security industry is to have 1 to 2 guards per 100 guests.

Event coordinators should consider the problems they may occur at their event. Blocked passages or fire exits, sneaky entries without paid admission, rowdy behaviour, stealing, ticket scalping, fighting, property damage, alcoholic intoxication and illegal drug use. Security guards can also assist with parking, making sure that guests vehicles are parked at designated parking spots.

Also making sure no cars are parked at neighbouring houses, business driveways or lawns. We offer a variety of services for virtually any type of event. We will closely coordinate with the event organizers to determine the most appropriate security options for your venue, theme and crowd size. Together we will customize a security plan which optimizes safety without detracting from the fun experience.

We fully understand that it is vital that security for the event is planned and executed in the spirit as the event itself.

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