Fire Watch Security Guards

Fire alarm malfunction? Being threatened with fines and business shutdown? Hire a fire watch guard now. Call 877-331-133 and avoid fines and business shut down.

We provide fire watch services to businesses, campuses, hotels, and construction sites needing a 24 hour fire watch company.

Did you know many fires occur due to a lack of correct and adequate fire watch and prevention services on site? Most buildings are equipped with fire alarms, but what if these systems fail? And what about construction sites that lack a fire alarm altogether?

What is Fire Watch?

Fire Watch is the act of watching over a property in lieu of an alarm and fire suppression system.

  • No fire alarms
  • Faulty Equipment
  • Working with flammable substances

Guard duties include:

  • Patrol the building monitoring for any signs of smoke, fire or some other abnormal condition.
  • Notify the fire department and building occupants of an emergency.
  • Prevent fires from occurring by taking prompt action to remove the fire hazards.
  • Protect the public from fire or safety dangers

We can provide fire watch services to any industry’ including, but not limited to:

  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Construction
  • Financial
  • Neighbourhood
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • private venues
  • hotels
  • offices
  • warehouses

Any time that your building’s fire suppression system goes offline, whether planned or unplanned, you will require a guard for a fire watch.

Your insurance company may require a fire watch guard for events such as fire sprinklers not working properly, fire alarm malfunction, water being shut down for repairs, fire sprinkler or pump being out of service, heightened risk of fire due to chemical storage, flammable material or toxic wastes thus making it a situation that can be very dangerous if left unnoticed.

If your alarm system is malfunctioning, our team can be there to ensure that the fire department is contacted and sound the alarm.

  • 24 Hour Dispatch
  • Fast Response
  • Personalized Service
  • 24 Hour Emergency Fire Watch Service
Our custom quote will depend on the size of your facility and the number of guards that you will need. We take into account the size of your facility and the estimated length of time that it will take to get your alarms up and running again.

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